eXelate - optiX

For marketers seeking to maximize their understanding of consumer behavior, eXelate optiX is the insights and analytics terminal that transforms online and offline interactions into consumer insights.

eXelate - eXchange Planner

eXelate's eXchange Planner is a next generation online audience targeting tool. eXelate eXchange is the online data marketplace that provides smart data to maximize the return on audience targeting. eXelate eXchange comprises premium demo, interest, and intent data from some of the most trusted names online.

Below, I highlight some of the wireframes used and the final product.

Fareportal - Mobile Seat Selector

Created to allow users the option of choosing their seats on their flights, from their smartphone. This process already existed on our websites however I wished to make it an easier and cleaner experience, one which could even be preferable to using a desktop computer.
You can see a quick video of it in action here.

Fareportal - Mobile Hotel Booking

This was the first design of the Hotel Booking Path for the CheapOair iOS app. After implementing this design we saw a healthy growth in Hotel bookings. In the future I hope to expand the functionality and simplify the process further.

Fareportal - iPad

These were the first screens of the CheapOair iPad application, and show the flow of the booking path. You can see the similarities with our Phone applications and how we've used the extra space.

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