I love Benjamin’s art and particularly his illustrations. Everything he does is imaginative. Must be the result of having a hyper-awesome name. Check his stuff out.

Forrest 1
Forrest 2

  1. Oh God it is so Brilliant!! I didn’t know he’d put these online. They’re so good it’s unbelievable that’s he’s so young and just this guy back from CNMA.
    If he ever felt like selling any of this stuff gallery style he’d probably be a billionaire… but then again (remembering his first year animations) I don’t think the world’s ready to be benji-fied.

  2. OH! It’s incredible. And it reignites my desire to draw in books. Library books.
    Or maybe just forgotten stories.

  3. Yeah, they’re really something. I wish he’d put more online…

  4. What if the apple of your eye is indeed just discarded trash.

    Books are burnt everyday, it makes you cry, like an old lady winning $3 on a $4 scratchie…….

    Could it be the essence of thy self, pours forth from neither name nor reputation?

    Your feedback is generously appreciated…..

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