I watched THX-1138 for the first time last night, in an attempt to wipe from my mind the thoroughly unimpressive Indiana 4 and redeem George Lucas somewhat. It did just that, it’s a brilliant film and the sound design especially impressed me, as well as the inspired visuals and the ambitious scope. The strongest part of this film, and I think what sets it apart from other visions of future Orwellian nightmares, is that there is no enemy, that the society in which THX-1138 lives has imprisoned itself. Although it is never revealed how it came into existence, everyone is involved in keeping the status quo. Even the hero is not blameless as he helps build the very robots who are the enforcers.

Work hard, increase production, prevent accidents and be happy.

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  1. Very well put

  2. This is one of my VERY favorite films. Poignant, pithy, direct and scary. In the care of the 111th Congress and the 44th president, we are heading inextricably to the world of THX 1138. I want some of those pink and blue pills, and the orange IV fluid. that is shown in the film. LOL

  3. I’m sure it’s a throwaway comment but I disagree. I doubt either the president or the congress seeks totalitarianism and I think it lowers the tone of the debate to make that assertion.

    On a related note, check out this comic: Orwell vs Huxley

    ‘Orwell feared the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance.’ I think Huxley is winning the argument.

  4. My comment is for Benjamin. Sir, on what planet have you been living? However I must agree with you on one point. Your comment is a throwaway. By the way, I think this is intended to be a discussion, not a debate, in which I refuse to engage.

  5. My comment was regarding the one I was replying to, not my own.

    I would elaborate on my points but you since you refuse to engage I’ll refrain. Why did you even bother commenting?

  6. I agree with Benjamin. The government doesn’t seek totalitarian control and even if they did, there are many different rules set in place to prevent them.

    FDR tried to have more control using several differentmethods and even he couldn’tget more control over the U.S.

  7. I agree with Benjamin too (and thanks for the link).

    All the anti-government paranoiac citizens have it completely wrong. There is no broad government takeover of freedoms, and no the government was not behind 9/11. It goes beyond the boorish left/right divide (which fails to address two other points on the compass — authoritarian/libertarian division) and the peevish conspiracy theories. Left and right is more a competition between two teams vying to be paid to do the thing we are damn near instinctively urging them to do: cast us into chains we are happy with.

    The first step to getting out of this regressive system is turning off (and getting rid of) your television.

    I disagree with Mr Al on one point… FDR wasn’t interested in having government control of the citizenry. He was, however, interested in having a government that could better respond to the needs of the citizens, in a way the Free Market was not interested in doing. As the US government is by, for, and of the people, this is not a bad thing. And no other system was available to attend this responsibility.

    Whenever I hear the whinging of the anti-government crowd, I’m reminded that it’s actually (“decadent”) democracy they object to. It’s only in recent decades (since the 80s) that we’ve managed to succeed in recasting FDR’s legacy as a left-wing, authoritarian control meme, while listening to politicians tell us to distrust government (while they simultaneously give us good Iran-Contra reason to). It’s worth pointing out that at the time FDR was treading a line between two extremes: socialism and laissez faire capitalism. Unfortunately today we’ve forgotten that middle ground, which was acknowledged and confirmed (by virtue of not being repealed) by the US government in the 1950s. We’ve forgotten that one demonized extreme (socialism) is faced by an equally scary opposite extreme.

    I’m not particularly interested in government control of our lives. But when we vilify government assistance as control, socialism, or worse, we risk running straight into the arms of that other equally scary opposite extreme — laissez faire capitalism… corporate control of our lives. At least government is somewhat beholden to the opinions of citizens. We can vote them out of office. Corporations, on the other hand, simply try to re-educate us and change our opinions. Note the success of Fox “News”, a dominant “news” corporation that sells and manages public opinion — dominating the news ratings while still managing to cast itself as the underdog in the mythological realm of a liberal media.

    We need to seek that middle ground, not run fearfully and ignorantly from one into the hands of the other.

  8. It’s also worth pointing out to the blog author, that George Lucas directed THX-1148 but he did not direct Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

    Presumably if that film had been decent, we’d praise Spielberg?

  9. @Neil, thanks for the well-thought out comment. I agree that we need to avoid fear and ignorance and that’s a well made point regarding Fox News.

    Also, Spielberg was just as culpable for Crystal Skulls.

  10. Yo – Neil. You’re much smarter than the rest of us. What a great reminder, people are paranoid and helpless.

    I never see any Chinese citizens expressing a point of view online. Are you writing you post from China?

  11. Its not supposed to be an accurate description, but rather a metaphor, yes Orwell was wrong, our own consciousness wouldnt allow totalitarionsim, but the concept is all relative…the more we become apathetic to actual issues, the more Huxley’s prophecy becomes true…case in point….we are all commenting on a BLOG there is nothing constructive about this at all, it is only satisfying our social urge to participate in discussion and we are doing so in a superficial environment AGGHHHH its reallll!!!!!………but seriously…cool flick

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