If you’re in or nearby Brooklyn then I invite you to come out on Tuesday evening for the opening of the group photographic exhibition ‘Face First.’

This is exciting as it marks the first time I’ve had my work on display in NYC.
The flyer is here: Face First 03
And the details are:
Goodman Gallery
Tuesday August 12th
6pm to 9pm
311 Columbia Street, Brooklyn.

Face First
Face First 02

  1. So exciting! Well done Benjamin – you thoroughly deserve this!

  2. wish I had been there – grumble, grumble.
    Nana is so annoyed she couldn’t make it…
    next time. xx

  3. I missed you both! But you were there in spirit. Which probably explains how two bottles of red mysteriously disappeared….

  4. Congrats! Now that you’ve reached your said goal, are you coming home??
    I’m so very happy and proud for you. :)

  5. Hahaha there are a few more goals yet! But I do wish I could have shared it with people back home. Thank you, I wish you could have been there

  6. WOW Ben, I had no idea you had an exhib in New York – that’s fuckin’ awesome!!!! How’d it go? Or is it still going? I’m going to have to blog about this!! Congratulations! Is there a website for the show? Have you had any reviews? Tis a pity it’s on the other side of the world… All the best with it.

  7. Thanks :D

    Things went really well. The opening was a great amount of fun. It all comes down on Monday, and I’ve managed to sell a couple of pieces also. Which is such a validation. There wasn’t a website unfortunately, and there were a couple of reviews which I shall have to cut out and scan up onto the blog.

    You’re blogging? What’s the URL?

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