John Wyndham - “The Midwich Cuckoos”

I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to find out any details about this photograph. Let me know if you know where it’s from. via jimray

Polar Bear and Whale

This is simply incredible.
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John Galliano Menswear Fall/Winter 2007

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Tara Donovan - “Untitled (Styrofoam Cups)”

Muxtape has officially closed and you can read the story about it (and the soon to be kinda-relaunch) here.

Thank to you everyone who made Muxtape the incredible place it was in its first phase, it couldn’t have happened without your mixes. The industry will catch up some day, it pretty much has to.

Muxtape (as we know it) folds

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Sandy Smith - “Sunset”

Giulio - “Snow”

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A remix of a popular youtube video. via Make No Sound